The Molly's Landing Story

The log cabin that is now Molly's Landing, was opened in 1984 after 7 months of construction. The original log home kit was designed for 3 bedrooms with a garage. Since the design went through drastic changes, and all interior walls were deleted, we had to install 2 giant I-beams to support the roof. All the windows were placed in different locations. The garage was placed above, with some added construction for the living quarters and offices of the owner. We added the kitchen and bath areas below. Since the opening we have added an additional 2 rooms, one overlooking the river, and the other on the west wall with a courtyard adjoining for outdoor dining. 

The grounds have a Hawaiian style pit for large cookouts. Call if you are interested in having a large group out. We do the cooking. Also a man size chess board for your outdoor fun and enjoyment. 

The owners are originally from Arizona. They brought a lot of treasures with them to decorate with. Since then some of the customers have contributed their treasures to our collection as well. 

Most important of all is the long standing staff. Most of our success is for the efforts and loyalty of this exceptional team. They get as upset as the owners if we have an unhappy customer. 

We look forward to having you and yours out for a fine steak, in our cozy, comfortable and quite dinning rooms.

The Amenities

Private Room
Room for groups as large as 45 people.

Gift Shop

Chocolate Fountains
Home of Chocolate Fountains of Tulsa - cater to any and all functions.

Outdoor Chess Game

Helicopter Pad
On the grounds and open for public use.

Home Grown Spices
We grow our own herbs to flavor our menu and make fresh prepared spices.

Wireless Internet