Oklahoma Home Grown Wine

Stone Bluff
Terre Rogue       24.83
"V" White            23.51

Whispering Vines
Cabernet             19.60
Merlot                  19.60
Pinot Noir          22.00

House Wines

Glass of Inglenook Red        4.28
Glass of Inglenook White     4.28
Glass of Inglenook Blush     4.28
1/2 Carafe of any above       8.42
Carafe of any above            16.83

Moet & Chandon

Dom Perignon France
Tiny focused bubbles with intense fruit flavors.


Red Wine

David Bruce Petite Syrah
7.00          28.06
Blackberry, blueberry & white pepper aromas that is very well balanced.

Rosemount Est. Shiraz
5.80          23.21
Intense spicy fruit with a rich textured finished in Oak.

Plungerhead Zinfadel
5.95          23.90
Old vine red explodes with raspberry, hints of orange rind, clove and rich caramel.

El Portillo Malbec
5.53          22.10
Rich with fruit, and nose reminiscent of plums and blackberries.

Tiziano Chianti, Italy
5.49          21.95
Harmonious and soft with berry & violet scents.


Fetzer Valley Oaks, Calif.
4.82         19.28
Rich red fruit flavors with medium bodied full finish.

Flora Springs, Napa
8.05          32.18
Lush plums and black cherries aromas with smooth finish.

Kenwood, Sonoma
6.15          24.61
Plums berries with vanilla & chocolate notes.

Forest Glen Merlot
5.03         20.11
Rich in berry, cherry & plum flavors with integrated tannin.

Robert Keenan Merlot
8.10         32.58
Chocolate intermixed with black cherry & currant fruits.

Pinot Noir

Aquinas  Pinot Noir
6.62         26.49
Full bodied w/cherry aromas and mint, red current with a red pipe fruit finish.

David Bruce Pinot Noir
9.00          36.06
Aroma & flavors of roses, black cherry plums and strawberries. 

Le Crema Pinot Noir
 8.04          32.18
Aromas of ripe, round cherry and floral notes with a long lasting finish.

Kenwood Russian River
6.72          26.88
Full-bodied cherry & raspberry with aroma of rose & spice.


Fanciscan Cab. Sav.
8.03        32.12
Rich & full on the palate with layers of plum, cherry, anise, with dark dense fruit on the long finish.

Katherine Goldschmidt
6.60        26.37
Blackberry, black pepper & plum flavors enveloped in sweet oak. Finishes with silky tannins & a hint of spice.                 

B-Side Cab. Sav.
8.10        32.20
Rich aromas of dark cherry, caramel, toasted marshmallow's and white pepper.                

Kendall Jackson Cab. Sav.
7.21       28.85
Rich and round with wild blackberries & mocha flavors.

Mondavi Woodbridge, Napa
4.63        18.51
Smooth and silky with oak overtones.

Honig Cellars, Napa
9.62       38.47
Ripe plum & black raspberry / hint of vanilla, allspice & cocoa

White Wines

Fetzer White Zin
4.37         17.49
Strawberry & cherry aromas and flavors.

Beringer White Zin
4.67         18.68
Strawberries with floral notes and a bright crispness.

Pighin Pinot Grigio
6.61         26.44
Delicate floral & white fruit aromas and flavors.

Firesteed Pinot Grigio
5.62       22.47
Offers tropical aromas of kiwi and mango followed by ripe summer melon and citrus.

Honig Sauv. Blanc
7.73         30.91
Peaches, figs and melon with a dash of grapefruit & squeeze of lime.

Jekel Riesling, Monterey
5.25        21.00
Aromas of ripe peach & apricot with hints of honey.

Firesteed Riesling
5.62        22.47
This wine overflow's with aromas of mandarin orange, honeysuckle, lemon zest, and melon.

St. Michelle Riesling
5.66         22.65
Clean and crisp. Medium bodied with peach & green apple flavors.


6.28       25.12
Bursting tropical flavor of pineapple, mango, papaya & apples.

Markham, Napa
6.97         27.87
Tropical fruit flavors with hazelnut notes.

Sonoma Cutrer Russian
7.12           28.46
Crisp & lean with good weight in the mid-palate.

Chalone Chardonnay
7.48          29.90
Aged in French oak with aromas of vanilla & hazelnuts.

Big Ass Chard
5.85         23.41
Caramel, baked apple pie & toasty oak characters with a round and soft finish.

Sparkling Wines

Korbel Bruit 'NV', Calif.         22.54
Crisp Flavors of pears & apples with oak overtones.

Cinzano Asti, Italy        24.31
Fresh peaches & apricots, full sweet fruit flavors.

Piper Sonoma Blanc De Blanc       24.53
Ripe apple with a moderate complexity / notes of herbs & hay.

Piper Heidsieck Bruit, France       43.20
Crisp with tight bubbles and a creamy texture.

Moet & Chandon White Star        51.88

Candoni Prosecco Bruit Italy       26.55
Decliate & fruity with a hint of honey.

Specialty Drinks      9.79/ea

Martini Gin or Vodka
Mud Slide
Mai Tai
Sex On The Beach
Chocolate Martini
Remy Martin XO Cognac
Apple Martini
Long Island Tea
Lemon Drop